Invest in the children you love. Your first $15 is on us.

EarlyBird empowers parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in the next generation.

Save for a brighter future

Give children the freedom to dream. Help them start a business, pay for college or travel the world.

Send and receive financial gifts

Collectively invest in the children most important to you. Send gifts that can change their lives forever.

Create memories together

Create timeless video memories that can be accessed at any time throughout their lives.

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What is EarlyBird?

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This website is operated by EarlyBird Central Inc., an SEC-registered Investment Advisor.  Brokerage services are provided to clients of EarlyBird Central Inc. by Apex Clearing Corporation, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member FINRA.  Apex Clearing Corporation is a member of SIPC. SIPC protects against the loss of cash and securities held by a customer at a financially-troubled SIPC-member brokerage firm. The limit for SIPC protection is $500,000. For details, please see

Important Disclosures:  Investing involves risk, including loss of principal.  Neither the principal contributed to an account, nor earnings thereon, are guaranteed or insured by the EarlyBird Central Inc., the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or any other entity. Account owners assume all investment risk, including the potential loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that your account may be worth less than the sum of your contributions. Please consider, among other important factors, your investment objectives, risk tolerance and EarlyBird's pricing before investing. Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee a profit, nor do they eliminate the risk of loss of principal. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.  Any hypothetical performance shown is for illustrative purposes only. Such results do not represent actual results and do not take into consideration economic or market factors which can impact performance. Actual clients may achieve investment results materially different from the results portrayed.


Investing made (super) simple

Launch an investment account for your child in under 3 minutes, safely and securely.

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What is EarlyBird?

What can I do with EarlyBird?

EarlyBird is an investing platform and mobile app that empowers parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in the next generation.

How to Redeem

1. Scan the QR code / Tap the button to download
Use your phone camera or scanning software to scan the QR code OR tap "Invest $15" to download the EarlyBird app.

2. Complete your account setup to redeem your $15
To claim your $15, simply install the app, then complete your EarlyBird account and your credit will automatically appear!

3. Invest the funds in a child you love and watch it grow!
Once you've completed an EarlyBird account, use the $15 credit to invest in a child of your own, or gift it to a child you love!

Invest $15